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MySite / My Mail Service

step 1: Visit</a> and click ‘subscribe Now’ or login to</a> below.

step 2: Step 02: Click ‘Mysite’ button in My VAS area.

step 3: Add A Domain (Select your domain(s) from the drop down list.

step 4: Subscribe your selected domain with the relevant package. Ex-My Mail.

step 5: Your service will be activated soon.

Payment Guide ( /

step 1: Login to My Account via or</a><br><br>

step 2: Please visit MY VAS tab and click "MY SITE"

step 3: Click 'pay for my site' and use any payment option (pay later) with the generated order reference.

Mysite Renewal Payment Guide via MyAccount -</a></h3></u><br>

  1. Login to</a> and go to MyDomains via Domains list.

  2. Then click on payment icon of the domain (mysite servise) is needed to be renewed.

  3. If mysite service is there, there will be an additional row as follows. Please tick the relevant boxes and Complete Your Order.
    (If you already renewed your domain name, only mysite service will be there).

  4. Confirm your order by viewing the order summery

  5. Use one of the following options and proceed with your payment for the created order. If you need to pay later, click pay later.

  6. When you click 'pay later' you will redirect to My Order References tab and you

IMAP Configuration (Sample) for mymail service -

Step 01 :

Step 02 :

Step 03 :

Step 04 :